Sunday, January 2, 2011

Instant Nostalgia - didn't work on "note" under profile

Instant Nostalgia
I noticed on my friend's facebook page that he titled one of his blog's as "Instant Nostalgia." Cecil, that's his name, said I could use this title myself. He writes stories as well. His stories have a totally different "flare" than mine. He's intelligent. I'm not!
Anyway, this title might bring to your mind a picture. One you can actually hold in your hand. Not one of those you pretend you can see in those tiny digital cameras. I've had many people show me pictures on those small digital camera screens. They want to "show off" their children and grandchildren. I usually end up saying "How Beautiful, and Oh I love this picture!" I really don't have a clue why I say this because I cannot see it! I can however, see in my mind, those instamatic cameras. I still have one. I just can't find the film that fits it anymore. Those cameras were so cool. You'd press a little button and out popped a picture. You could hold that picture in your hand and actually see it. Ok, they weren't the best pictures in the world but you got them instantly.
I've kind of gone off my original thought of "Instant Nostalgia" so, let me get back on track. I live next to a cemetery. Several of my family members are buried there. Two of my aunt's reside in that cemetery. As I drive by, I instantly have many good memories of them. You would think seeing their tombstones would make me sad but somehow it brings me peace. Maybe because this is the last place I saw their bodies lay to rest. Morbid thoughts? No, just instant nostalgia.
My maternal grandparents are both gone now as well. I have to drive by, every day, the trailer they lived in. Most of the time, in my mind, I can see my grandfather sitting on that old glider, spitting tobacco into the "spittoon" I
gave him for Christmas one year. I can also see my grandmother. She's in an old wooden rocking chair, right there next to my grandfather. I now have that rocking chair on my front porch. I miss them so much. Sometimes this "instant nostalgia" brings tears to my eyes. I have to stop my car because I cannot see to drive any farther. I keep plenty of Kleenex in my glove box because I know that sometimes I'll have to "dry my eyes" so I can continue driving to where I'm going.
Driving to work gives me several "instant nostalgia" moments. Passing by the Old Slate Furnace obviously brings back memories of "parking." Do teenagers still do that? I don't want to give them any ideas, so in case they don't, I won't go into the "parking" details. Those memories don't bring tears to my eyes. Just a few smiles!
Mixed emotions enter the back of my mind as I pass the old High School. I was a student in that school and I also worked there later on. I was the secretary for 12 years. Memories of me being a student there flicker a picture of me "passing notes" to my friends. The notes were usually questions about what we were going to wear to a dance or sometimes where we were going that weekend. The "instant" memory I have while be employed there is of one of the teacher's that worked there. She came into my office one day, upset over something, threw the phone across my office, and broke it. Whoa, was she mad. What she didn't know was, I was glad. I didn't have to answer the phone the remainder of that day. I also think of one of the bosses I had there. One day, an earthquake came inside his office. He slammed the door so hard the walls shook. I had never heard him raise his voice until that day. He began screaming and I had a small heart attack. When he came out of his office he gave me a little wink and smiled. "That took five years off my life," I told him. I miss you Mr. L.V. I also have an instant smile when I think about
the day YOU tumbled over in your office chair. If you're reading this, I'm thinking you're probabaly smiling too.
Driving by the big bank in town reminds me of that wonderful little place that should HAVE NEVER been torn down. It definitely could have been an historical sight. The Majestic Theatre. I know that everyone born before the 80's can remember that place. One "instant memory" that comes to my mind, of the majestic theatre, is of the night I had broken up with my boyfriend. He ended up being my first husband later on. We had a fight over something that night so I went to the theatre with a girlfriend of mine. I can't remember what the fight was about but I do remember coming outside and finding a beautiful "stuffed" puppy on the dash of my car. The puppy had a note attached around it's neck. I don't have that little puppy anymore, or that husband either. I do have that note in my senior memory book. Thinking of J.J and R.J ,standing at the ticket window, will bring "instant nostalgia" for some of you that spent many nights at that theatre.
I can see all over Preston from the hill I live on. And I can see the very spot where my sister wrecked her bicycle. She was very young at the time. Well, so was I. That bicycle wreck almost killed her. The hospital sent her home. I don't know why because she had a very bad concussion. Sometime during the night, she sat up in the bed that we shared and gave me a "far out" look. She asked, "Who are you?" Of course, I freaked out. Just looking out my window today brings that memory back to me. That's "Instant Nostalgia."
I may not always remember what I've opened the refrigerator door to get but I have some great "photographic memories." Those memories are brought back by "Instant Nostalgia" and sometimes by those old Polaroid pictures. I'm hoping "Heckmart" will bring back that film so those of you that
haven't seen an instamatic camera will have the opportunity to see a picture pop out! I'm also hoping when you drive by some of your favorite places, you'll have your own "Instant Nostalgia." You probably need to buy yourself a box of Kleenex, you're going to need them!

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