Monday, January 3, 2011

3 Week Vacation Over

First day back to work after many snow days and Christmas Break.  Can't believe it was a pretty darned good day.....darnget is what my granddaughter says.  Hummm "DARNGET"   This is much better than the "colorful" language I used to use when I was a little girl.  Growing up in the store (Blevins Grocery) will put some wild words inside your mouth.  My aunt almost fainted one time when she heard some really bad words coming out of the mouths of me and my sister.  I'm thinking, at that time, we thought those were "everyday, common" words. 

Ok, I got off the subject of my first day back to work.  That's it.  All went well.  Back in the routine of coming home to hot coffee and dinner started by my wonderful husband.  I sure miss my grandchildren though.  They were here 4 days and now they are gone.  Tears have stopped now.........none left!  I'm just trying to figure out what that noise is!!!!!  It seems so QUIET!  I don't like that.

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